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AKT and AKT2G Remote I/O Comparison >

The AKT2G family is recommended for new applications requiring remote I/O in a PCMM or PDMM KAS application. This article and attachment compares the AKT2G Remote I/O family with the AKT Remote I/O family.

KAS - Mapping Hardware I/O  >

The KAS IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has a straightforward way to connect I/O to variables in a kas project.  In a typical KAS system machine I/O can be connected to the PxMM controller via:

Reading a Thermocouple in units of 0.1 Degrees C in a PxMM Project >

In a KAS project, the following outlines reading a thermocouple temperature in units of 0.1 Degrees C from a AKT-AN-200 or AKT-AN-400 slice I/O module. Note: Reading this note will help you get started working through other AKT thermocouple…
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