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I'm testing TMBS-7615-A motor.

I try to make a performance curve like below which is in catalog of the motor.


I set up MG-set with two of TBMS-7615-A motor.

I'll call one of the motor is M, the other is G.

I use G as a load motor.

I do speed control for M, and do current control for G. 

I mark a maximum load point every 50[rad/s].

After the motor and winding designation have been selected, the motor design should be incorporated in the layout phase of the mechanical design. A frameless brushless type motor may be either totally frameless, framed with an armature adapter machined to fit the customer’s existing shaft, or partially housed with a mounting flange or tabs for mounting the stator. 

The minimum ambient operating temperature, for the KBM, KBMS, TBM, and TBMS series motors is -40 degrees C.