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Sample Set-Up of an AKD2G with KSM 12-2, Safe Stop >

This sample configuration illustrates setting up a dual-axis AKD2G with dual-axis KSM 12-2 Safety PLC.  Safety Engineering is not so simple that one design will meet SIL2 for all applications. The intent of this document is to give a…

Driving STO Inputs from Relays >

Implementation of STO Inputs There are two types of STO input in common use today: DC-DC Type: isolated STO input based on using a DC-DC converter to power the date driver circuitry.  O-C Type: opto-isolated input of a drive that acts upon…

Differences Between Single-Channel STO and Dual-Channel STO S700 Drives >

This article will help you understand the differences between older S700 (S701-724) drives with single-channel STO and newer dual-channel STO S700 drives. 

AKD Safety Characteristic Data >

Device EN 13849-1 EN 61800-5-2 PFHD (1/h) TM (Years) Input STO-Enable PL d, Cat.3 SIL 2 1.50E-07 20

S300 Safety Characteristic Data >

Device EN 13849-1 EN 61800-5-2 PFHD (1/h) TM (Years) Input STO-Enable PL d, Cat.3 SIL 2  1.50E-07 20

S600 Safety Characteristic Data >

There is no certification for the S601-620 drives according to EN 13849-1 or EN 62061.

AKD-x048 Safety Characteristic Data >

Function Operation Mode ISO  13849-1 IEC 61508-2 PFH [1/h] TM [Years] SFF [%] STO single channel PL d, CAT 2 SIL 2 1.88E-07 20 89 STO dual channel PL d, CAT…

AKD-C/N Safety Characteristic Data >

Structure STO ISO 13849-1 IEC 62061 PFH [1/h] SFF [%] TM (Years) AKD-C + 1 x AKD-N global PL d, CAT 3 SIL 2 2.99E-08 97.08 20 AKD-C + 8 x AKD-N global PL d, CAT…

S701-724 Safety Characteristic Data >

STO, no safety card Device S701-724 Operation mode EN 13849-1 EN 62061 PFHD (1/h) TM (Years)  STO1/2-Enable single channel PLd, Cat.3 SIL…
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