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This article provides a simple way to drive a stepper control by PCMM and AKD

A topic from the KAS Online Help which discusses the support of AKD-SM-Lxx stepper slices by KAS.

KAS Support of AKT-SM-Lxx Stepper Slices

This raw video shows one way to integrate a stepper motor control into a KAS EtherCAT Network.  It is done by integrating a P6000 stepper driver into a KAS EtherCAT Network via  an EBUS  EL2521 Pulse output slice module.  The  .kas  project file is attached.


Is a 30:1 inertia ratio high for a stepper motor?

I'm looking for a step motor in a NEMA 17 or smaller package with at least 10 in-oz torque at 100 RPM, capable of operating in a 100°C environment.

Can or has Kollmorgen ever done something similar to this?

A few simple steps to work the Beckhoff terminal EL7047 with KAS

Superior Electric manufactured an 8 pin integral connector for the AC Synchronous SS Series motors.

The connections are to B, F & G, with B being the center tap or Neutral connection.

You can connect the servo amplifier to a third-party stepper- motor controller. The servo motor follows the step-direction signals of the stepper controller.
Parameter setting for the servo amplifier is carried out with the aid of the setup software (electronic gearing). The number of steps can be adjusted, so that the servo amplifier can be adapted to match the step-direction signals of any stepper controller. Various monitoring signals can be generated.