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Following are the instructions for adding the Encoder 802-004, which is the 0.25" SHAFT, 500 LINE ENCODER for stepper motors. Attached is the original PDF. 

NOTE: S3 & S4 motors require cover mod. for cable

General Information

The LDA encoder is designed for installation directly on the motor shaft. It provides a factory pre-assembled feature that eliminates the need for any adjustment of disc gap, disc alignment, symmetry and phasing while installing it on the motor shaft.

Pin 1 (B+): Red/White (or White)
Pin 2 (A+): Red
Pin 3 (Ground): Green (or Green/Yellow)
Pin 4 (A-): Red/Yellow or Red/Orange (or Purple)
Pin 5 (B-): Red/Black (or Black)

In some cases, the stripes on the wires are not
clearly visible. Check the connections using an
Ohm meter.

The Basics of Selecting a Stepper Motor

The vast majority of stepper applications are fairly simple in terms of selecting the motor and drive.  Most applications have one or more of a few criteria, usually including torque, speed, mounting dimensions, and voltage.

For most applications, look for the following stepper motor data:

Some of the stepper motor nomenclature includes some terms not often used today.  Such terms are Pull-in Torque and Pull-out Torque.The information below may be helpful in understanding the different torque values for stepper motors.

File Description 
Legacy - The T-Series motors for IDC are a select few Pacific Scientific motors that were chosen to be standard options on IDC actuators and precision tables.
Release Date 
Thursday, January 1, 2004