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Have somebody experiences with connecting secondary feedback encoder (linear in my case it is 1Vpp Heidenhain LS487 with 20um period) to S300 drive?

Could you help me with steps, which I can not forget in configuration?

Thanks for replies all! 

Sincerely Ladislav


Motor DH061M-13-1320 (link), trying to rule it with Servostar S346. In a documentation of motor it is said just Feedback: Sine Encoder. 

When configuring S346, I picked 4 Sine Enc EnDat as a in DriveGUI utilite. It worked fine for a rather long time.

But recently something happened and now S346 shows error F04.

First to review what F402 means:

Analog signal amplitude for resolver or sine encoder feedback is out of range, either too low or too high.

To troubleshoot:

Check primary feedback (X10 connection), for resolver and sine/cos encoder only.

Valid for S700

Sine Encoder with SSI are a combination of Sine Encoder and SSI encoder for linear motion.

The encoders have a sine/cosine signal output for real time position measurement and a synchron serial signal for the absolute position.

S700 servo amplifiers can evaluate these encoders. You must set some parameters:

The AKD sine encoder feedback interpolation capabilities are:

AKD X10 1Vp-p Sine/Cosine Interpolator

Short for Sine Encoder. Sine Encoders are very similar to incremental encoders so it's helpful to review the  incremental encoder information, too. The difference between incremental encoders and sine encoders is that the A and B data channels are sent to the controller as 1 volt peak-to-peak sinewaves instead of the digital pulse format.