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Sine encoder as secondary feedback with S300 >

Hello, Have somebody experiences with connecting secondary feedback encoder (linear in my case it is 1Vpp Heidenhain LS487 with 20um period) to S300 drive? Could you help me with steps, which I can not forget in configuration? Thanks for…

EnDat 2.2 and FB3.ENCRES setting and scaling >

 Problem description General description of the mechanic: Resulting problem Between primary feedback and third feedback we have got a gear ratio. Closing the position loop with the third feedback will cause the problem, that the input value…

AKD-N does not support secondary feedback >

The AKD-N (Near Drive) does not support secondary feedback (external encoder). There is a separate feedback connector on "DS" models, but that is for primary feedback only. There is no plan at this time to implement secondary feedback.

Setting up the AKD to Close Position Loop on an External Encoder >

AKD dual loop (closing position loop on external encoder)
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