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Below is a sample of a new project that has been opened in KAS/Win10. Some descriptions are cut off.


One solution:

  • “Pin” the Kollmorgen IDE to the start menu
  • Used a right mouse click over the IDE icon, then left mouse click on Properties as shown below


This article outlines setting up a digitizing axis (secondary external encoder) or encoder master in a PxMM controller application that is using the PLCopen motion engine. The encoder input port is: AKD connector X9.

Acceptable formats for the master signal are:


Step 1

In the IDE Project setup a new  Axis for the secondary external encoder:

          Type : Digitizing

I have attached two screen shots of typical CoE (CanOpen over EtherCAT) mapping for position control using 0x6060 Interpolated position mode (7).  scale is set by FBUS.PSCALE in units of the power of 2.  Default is 2^20 counts/rev of the motor.

This article demonstrates how the AKD Motion Tasking and AKD BASIC drives differ in units and position scaling.

This document demonstrates how to program the AKI HMI and AKD-T ( BASIC ) to  enter ( or view ) decimal values on the AKI screen and how scaling works in the AKI and AKD BASIC drive.

This article discusses AKD EtherCAT scaling for Position command and Actual Position

PP = Profile Position

Problem description

General description of the mechanic:

mechanical setup.png

Resulting problem

Between primary feedback and third feedback we have got a gear ratio. Closing the position loop with the third feedback will cause the problem, that the input value for the velocity loop (which is working based on the primary feedback) is wrong, as it doesn't account for the gear ratio.

Therefore two possible solutions:

This article refers to G&L PiC application note and addresses the intent of SERCOS scaling, how it is used in the PiC and shows some of the scaling variations that can be used. For more information, download document AN000040