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Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700


Faults which occur, but which do not cause a switch-off of the amplifier output stage (BTB/RTO contact remains closed), are indicated in the LED display on the front panel by a coded warning number.
Possible reasons and countermeasures are described in the Online Help (Appendix Trouble Shooting)

Valid for S300, S700

Valid for S300, S700



2D Bar Code Definition 

Valid for:

Valid for S300, S700


The behavior of the servo amplifier always depends on the current setting of a number of different parameters (e.g. ACTFAULT, VBUSMIN, VELO, STOPMODE etc.).

Valid for S300, S700

The parameter FFTSW (Feed Forward Switch) changes the settings for different applications.

Valid for S300, S700


For input 1:  IN1MODE=26
For input 2:  IN2MODE=26

This activates the functions in principle.

Latch Enable/Disable from within the macro program

Enable of the individual edges :

To use enable/disable Latch  a bit must be set in DRVCNFG2:

DRVCNFG2 = 0x02 (bit 1) for input 1
DRVCNFG2 = 0x04 (bit 2) for input 2

If  enable/disable is not activated, every individual edge is acquired and the position latched last is adopted.