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Valid for S700 & S300 with -EC Option. Fw  5.18

Connector names of Kollmorgen servo amplifiers.

Valid for S300, S700


Since version 2.3.1 of the DriveGUI it's possible to communicate via the TwinCAT PLC. It's possible to communicate with both TwinCAT versions: 2.x or 3.x. Due to the efficient implementation of ADS-messaging system, the system load is far below the serial communication.


The  Bode Diagram (according to Hendrik Wade Bode) is a special funcion's graph consisting of one graph for the amount (the gain of the amplitude), and of one for the argument (the phase shift) of a complex transfer function.

Bode Diagrams are used to represent linear time - invariant (LTI) systems in electronics/electrical engineering, control engineering, and mechatronics, as well as in impedance spectroscopy.

Valid for AKD, S300, S400, S600, S700

The calculated Power Dissipation can be used for selecting a brake resistor or capacitor module.

A part of the brake energy is stored in the DC link bus capacitors of the servo amplifier. If these capacitors are filled, the brake energy is led to the Brake Resistor. The calculated power dissipation PBrems is the possibly maximum value.

Valid for S300, S700

Valid for S300, S700