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The Servostar S300, S600, and S700 drives have a digital input mode called Command Buffer.  This mode allows ASCII commands to be run in a sequence when the input goes high and low.  But in order to make sure the commands are processed in the proper sequence, you must enter a time delay between each command.  The time delay command is "WAIT" with the number of milliseconds.  So WAIT 2000 (there is a space between the WAIT and the number) will delay for 2 seconds.  Example: GV 0.290; WAIT 2000; DIS

The command for clearing the fault history on the Servostar S300, S600, and S700 drives is CLREEPROM FLTHIST.  That is a space between the two words.  Type it into the terminal command line and press enter.  Sometimes it is easier to identify new faults with the history cleared out.  But keep in mind that other troubleshooting may be hindered due to lack of data after clearing the fault history.  Be careful to enter the entire command, as only entering CLREEPROM will set the drive to factory defaults.

If your S700 has two (2) STO safety circuits (drive P/N will be S7xxy2, where "xx" is the continuous current rating), please note:

1. Use the correct Installation Manual.  There is one (1) manual for the single channel STO and another for the dual STO.  You will need the dual channel STO manual.

2. For connector X4, BOTH STO circuits must be wired per the screen shot attached.  (+24VDC must be applied to pins 3 and 6, and DC common to pin 5 of X4 in order to get the drive to enable, given that the drive also has the software and hardware enables.)

There are two parameters that can be used to query the S300 or the S700 drive's faults: ERRCODE or STATUS.


Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700


A 3 digit, 7 segment LED display is mounted in the front of the servo amplifiers. Operating status, Warnings and Fault Messages are displayed there.

File Description 
This manual describes the S701x-S724x series of digital servo amplifiers (standard version: 1.5A ...24A rated current). Hardware revision 2.20.
Release Date 
Sunday, February 1, 2015

S772 with 3rd Party Motor, configuration and Test

Trying to startup an S772 with a Vickers FASK3 480 020 Motor (8.7Kw) with DriveGUI

Managed to get Manuals and basic info. from The Kollmorgen Wiki site.


Using DriveGUI for the 1st time and some things are a bit convoluted when compared to Kollmorgen Workbench, was looking for additional info to confirm certain assumptions made about DriveGUI. I often overlook a good source - Kollmorgen Section of YouTube ?

If the CANopen communications is not being utilized, use this procedure to deactivate the F23 fault.

  1. Open the Terminal Screen in the S700 Drive GUI
  2. Enter the listed commands in the Command Bar of the Terminal Screen
  3. ETHMODE 2   <Ent>
  4. MDRV 0    <Ent>
  5. SAVE  <ENT>

S700 EEO Index Pulse Alignment Based on Feedback Device

The location of the Emulated Encoder Output (EEO) index pulse (marker pulse) is handled differently for absolute type feedback devices and incremental type feedback devices.  For absolute devices, including resolver and Endat/BiSS absolute encoders, the EEO index is located at a fixed absolute position of the motor.  For incremental devices, including AquadB and Sine/Cosine encoders, the EEO index is located at the position at which the motor was sitting when the drive was booted up.


Valid for S300, S700