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I am working on a system built in Italy that has a Kollmorgen S700 drive and in Slot 1 there is a motion card referred to simply as MC300. Tech support has no record of this part number, does anyone know about this motion control card, it has a 25DB connector for discrete signals and a DB15 that is connected to a profibus network.

Application Note: Motor-Phasing/Wiring: Preferred Standard

S300 & S700-drive to KBM(s) frameless motor – series.

For PDF format: S300 or S700 to KBM - Std Motor Phasing for Pos FB CCW Rotation.pdf

Application Note: Motor-Phasing/wiring: non-standard, S300 or S700 - positive feedback count with a CW rotation as viewed from the lead exit end, for KBM(s) motor. 

S300 or S700 - drive to KBM(s) frameless motor, with non-standard connections.

This article explains how to setup a Motion Task in the S300 and the S700 servo drive. For PDF format, download: S700 and S300 Motion Tasking Example.

  1. Start the DriveGUI commissioning program

The first Window is: 


To get started:

File Description 
EU Declaration of Conformity for SERVOSTAR S700.
Release Date 
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Valid for S300, S700

Suspended loads pose quite a challenge to the electric drive. Below is important information that should be considered during project planning.

Any vertically moved loads or loads under spring tension may move unintentionally when the Enable stage is engaged.

The F24 fault is created by the WMASK feature which allows a defined Warning (nX warning) to generate a fault message (defined by WMASK)

If an S600, S300, S400, or S700 series drive locks up while downloading firmware or the PLC Macro program.  Hold the two arrow buttons below the drives display and cycle the drive’s +24 volt logic voltage.  Continue holding the two buttons for a few minutes after the drive has powered up.  This should unlock the drive allowing the user to download firmware to it.

How to Recover from the Firmware or the PLC Marco Program Locking Up the S700 Servo Drive