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Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700


S300 X5
S400 X4
S600 X5
S700 X5 (with option card POS-I/O-Monitor)


Setup must be done with the setup software (Terminal screen) with ASCII commands:

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

A speed set point shall be delivered digitally via a bus system. It must be possible to adjust the speed setpoint by an offset voltage with an analog input..


Object 297, scaling turns / 10V for analog input

Settings in the setup software

1: Velocity analog

I/O analog set point function
4: Xsoll = SW1 + SW2

Valid for S300, S600, S700

Application (example)

For an auger the packaging quantity is to be adjusted by a motion task and the control is to be realized simply and user-friendly . The quantity can vary in a defined +/- range.


With a digital input the motion task is started, the motion task selection is done with a framing potentiometer due to the necessary voltage levels.

Valid for S300, S700


Valid for S300, S700 from FW 2.14

Parameter setup for SSI Encoder evaluation

A SSI encoder (absolute encoder) must be setup with these parameters: