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Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

Create table with Excel, normalize current / position values


Save as DOS *.CSV file and edit (commata)

Split several tables with ";". Maximum 16 tables are allowed, maximum 8,000 points are allowed.


Convert table in the DOS screen with calclk_52b.exe

Download this tool from page Tools.

Valid for S400, S600

From firmware 4.91, it is possible to have an additional fast torque/current loop in the servo amplifier with ANCNFG = 10. The amplifier will read the analog input 1 and use it as a torque/current feedback to adjust the digital current set point given e.g. by the fieldbus. The following picture shows the additional loop structure.



The following ASCII settings of the amplifier are necessary:

Valid for S400, S600

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

Using the setup software you can define series of motion tasks. The specials that should be known with the signal Folge_In_Pos and with the used acceleration and brake ramps are shown in these diagrams:

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

The Profibus protocol does not give any support for synchronizing the start of motion tasks. To start several drives synchronized, it can be useful to define the motion  tasks by fieldbus but start them via a digital input.

Valid for S600

The servo amplifier S600 offers several supervision functions to detect mains phase loss (error F16) and to react upon mains under voltage (error F05). If in multi-axis systems not every amplifier has it's own mains supply connection or if an error message in case of low mains voltage is not appreciated (e.g. with DC direct supply), you must adapt the supervising functions to your needs.

Valid for S400, S600

Depending on the current trouble, faults are managed differently (different error levels):

Valid for S400, S600 with FW 6.21...6.99

With operation mode 4 (OPMODE 4, electronic gearing) the axis follows synchronously to a master position. The gearing ratio can be adjusted with GEARI and GEARO.

Valid for S400, S600 mit FW 5.76-5.99, 7.xx