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Good day!

I need help with tuning my Digital Servo Amplifier SERVOSTAR 300.

I use self-developed rotary motor + AksIM off-axis rotary absolute encoder (Renishaw) with BiSS-C interface + Kollmorgen S306.

This set of components works well when encoder cable length less than 5 meters, but i need use it with 15 meters encoder cable length.

File Description 
EU Declaration of Conformity for SERVOSTAR S300 servo drives.
Release Date 
Thursday, January 10, 2019

Setting GEARI with PDO (OPMODE 4)


we have a small problem using a S300 (FW 5.18) in OPMODE 4(el. gear). We want to change the input gear parameter GEARI with the object 2040(as PDO), but the new value will active only after coldstart. There is a possibility to change GEARI with the object 353E and the value will active immediately without coldstart, but the PDO-mapping for this object is not possible.

Does anybody know any option to change the GEARI on the fly with PDO mapping?

Thank you.

Often users need to upload the parameters out of a failed drive and recommission a spare drive with the archived parameters.

The attached documents detail these procedures.

Note the documents assume you have the same model, hardware and firmware revisions. Attempting to clone a drive with

differences will likely yield errors when you attempt to download to the spare drive.

Errors that occur on download will need to be checked one by one using the ASCII reference guide to determine reason and impact on your application.

Good day. How can I use LA11dca13bka10da00 absolute magnetic encoder system BISS-C interface with my linear motor? 


Hi. I need to make a program that controls a rotary motor with S300 with ascii commands. What commands do I have to use to get the motor to a certain position, order it to go forward / backward x degrees and stop?

In the documentation I see many commands but it is not clear how to do it. An example would be very appreciated, thank you.

File Description 
EU Declaration of Conformity for SERVOSTAR S300 servo drives.
Release Date 
Thursday, June 14, 2018

Motor DH102M stands vertical and has a round scale attached, marked with 0..360. Real "Vertical" (0 of my scale) does not correspond to motor's encoder's "Vertical", difference is about 20 degrees. So, when I perform Homing, motor stops slightly not really vertical. I thought it's not a big deal, so I opened DriveGUI and estimated ROFFS parameter of my S346 to a value of actual vertical position (3370, as my scale really is from 0 to 3600). 

New Functions for S300 and S700

Hardware Revision Firmware Version Date Remarks Export Classification
02.01 2.18 to 3.74 2006-04 Starting version AL-3A225
02.10 (03.01) 3.75 to 3.99 2010-05 AS->STO, new approval AL-3A225
04.00 5.18 - 5.99 2011-05 New CPU AL-3A225
04.10 5.18_ND1 - 5.99_ND1 2014-12 Dual use, new data structure AL-3A225
04.10 5.18_ND0 - 5.99_ND0 2014-12 Non Dual use, new data structure -
04.20 >=6.00_ND1* 2017-04 Dual use, single-cable motor Connection possible, memory increased AL-3A225
04.20 >=6.00_ND0* 2017-04 Non Dual Use, single-cable motor Connection possible, memory increased -