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I am way behind the curve on this. I have an S772 drive controller that I am trying to set up. We have had this drive sitting on a shelf for a long time. I have a laptop set up with Windows 7, an RS232 cable, but no serial port on the computer. I bought a serial port to USB converter cable and opened the USB in the manager to be used as a COM port (for use with serial cable). But when I connect the computer and the drive units together, I get a faulty parameter error message which essentially means the drive and the computer are not communicating properly.

I am trying to do the connection in which the 4 drive(S712) communicate to each other through the can open protocol and the 1 st drive connected to the PC through the RS 232 communication. but i am not gettting how to do the setting in the drive for the same.  please suggest how to set the parameter in the drive.



The AKD Drives are connected to the PC or to a Hub or Switch via a standard Cat. 5 Ethernet cable.

Valid for S400, S600


For controlling several servo amplifiers, start the communication with the first amplifier via RS232 and all other amplifiers via the CAN bus. Presumption for that is, that the CAN baud rates are identical and the station addresses of the servo amplifiers are set to different numbers.