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Sealing is an important design tool used to prolong the life of motors against harsh environments containing dust or liquid contaminants. There are arguably an unlimited number of applications for servo motors and each comes with its own environmental challenges.

Sealing can be compromised or degraded by incorrect applications, harsh conditions or conditions not covered by the design intent.  Even long operating periods under normal conditions will degrade sealing.

This application note covers 2 options for protecting the AKD BASIC program from user access.


One of our client companies that uses S200 made a request as below.

They need an evidence that proves it protects Amp on its own in case of the Over Current or the Over Voltage.

If you have any proof data with graph as below, please send it to me.




Requirements to fusing of lines and devices are different for CE and UL/cUL regions.

Fuse types

Protection in case of groups, parallel topology