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I have a customer who wanted to buy everything from Kollmorgen including the 24Vdc power supplies for logic, my understanding is that is about the only thing you do not offer unless I missed it somewhere? I did see 24V AKT modules but thought that may not be the right direction for the customer since they only wanted the 24Vdc to power the STO, enable, and a few other I/O on the X7 and X8 connectors on an AKD-T. They have single phase 120Vac available.


Valid for UL and CSA regions.

Valid for S700.


Since the failure rate of the servo amplifiers is very small, a line protection is sufficient from cost perspective. Further cost saving can be reached by group protection concept.

If however a selective protection of the power supply is required because of machine availability, and if beside the line protection additionally a device protection is required, a single protection or a so-called drive Fuse is recommended.

Valid for AKM, AKMH, AKD, S300, S700

Power supply for the feedback and signal evaluation of the two wire SFD3 and Hiperface DSL feedback systems require an electronic, which is built into the drive itself  (AKD-N only) or into special Kollmorgen hybrid cable.

Requirements to fusing of lines and devices are different for CE and UL/cUL regions.

Fuse types

Protection in case of groups, parallel topology