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I'm building a project that will be very timing critical.  I have looked at using telegram 9 to relay position information to the PLC, a Siemens S7-1515, but the fastest update time for the telegram is 16ms.  Can a digital output be used to transmit pulses for the PLC to use in a high-speed counter to calculate position?  If so, will this give faster updates?

When using time-based capture with MC_TouchProbe, one may find that the accuracy of the captured position depends on the travel velocity of the captured axis.

This article discusses AKD EtherCAT scaling for Position command and Actual Position

PP = Profile Position

IP = Interpolated Position

CSP = Cyclic Synchronous Position


You have two choices for defining the position scaling for EtherCAT:

Option A: Specify the scaling based on user unit via AKD parameters (Workbench)

Option B: Specify the scaling via DS402  objects for Feed Constant and Gear Ratio (CAN/EtherCAT)

Does anyone have any experience with programming an AKD Basic drive to close the position loop based on a external load cell signal? I would like to program a machine using a ball screw mechanism to apply a user entered force on an object.  The force is measured using a load cell (-10.0V to 10.0 Volt signal) and would be wired to the analog input.  The drive would command the motor to turn in the specified direction using a specified acceleration and maximum speed until the desired load (voltage) is reached.

This article refers to G&L PiC application note document AN000003 and describes the difference between DISTANCE and POSITION moves.

ASCII - Command GEARMODE    
Syntax Transmit GEARMODE [Data]