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Some History: We have been making EtherCAT drives since ~1998. That was before and before the EtherCAT standard. We don’t want to “break” our existing Customers' applications so we kept the same original scaling in the AKD. But the rest of the world has started using EtherCAT and they are following the EtherCAT standard so we implemented a way for the new Customers to use the EtherCAT CoE DS402 standard method of scaling. But!! This does not include EtherCAT CANopen objects 0x6064 and 0x60C1. They are only scaled by FB1.PSCALE

The position values in the AKD Basic drive are in integer format.  It does not have the usual "3-decimal-place" floating-point value.  So when defining the user units, make the resolution fine enough for precise positioning.  If the units are defined as "inches" and the scaling is x number of inches per motor rev, then it will only be able to position to the nearest inch.  It will not be able to command a move to a fraction of an inch.  Multiply the scaling by 1000 to program in thousandths of an inch.  Just remember that the units are now "mils" or "0.001 in".