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So here's my story. Boss decided I'm going to start programming our custom built machines. He said," Theres a computer over there, go use it." 

We use TRIO with Motion Perfect v4, Proface HMIs with GP-PRO EX, Kollmorgen drives and servos (at least sometimes). So I've got everything wired up and the drive (AKD-P) is giving me fault F401 no matter what I do. Our servo is a Kollmorgen AKM 52L. The drive and servo are connected via a Kollmorgen Hybrid Cable AKD. 

We have not tested Omron PLCs with the AKD Ethernet IP drive but have learned a few nuances from supporting customers.

This page provides information and downloads related to TIA Portal sample projects for Profinet communication between the Siemens S7 PLC's and  AKD Profinet drive.

The sample projects use a function block to handle the telegram data and state machine (Control Word and Status Word). Another function block is used for the Parameter Access channel (PNU channel) to read and write values to drive parameters via the PNU numbers. Another function block is used to simplify the process of editing the position value of motion tasks. This is handled via PNU read/write. It could be done using the PNU function block, but that would require multiple steps and complicated ladder logic programming.

Using the KAS IDE and Fieldbus editor, create the Modbus Server and data.  For example, a Modbus configuration with 10 inputs:

  1. Create the Modbus data block and array in dictionary: 
  2. Drag 'n' Drop the array variable to the Symbol table and it will automatically map the array:


The following utility provides a connection between AKD servo drive (other than the Profinet drive) and Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 programmable logic controllers (PLC) using Modbus TCP programmed in TIA V13.

The application contains the following functionality:

A servo drive essentially comprises an intelligent servo amplifier and a servo motor that operates with a PLC or CNC to perform complex, specialized moves in one or more directions, or axes. These complex and specialized moves, which are needed in the automation of industrial tasks, are collectively known as motion control.