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I can't seem to find any documentation on how to interface the AKI (AKI-CDA-MOD-07T) to the PDMM over Ethernet. I thought there was a way to connect using a patch cable between the Ethernet port on the AKI and either the service port or extra port on the top of the PDMM? Can you also program both from KAS while in that configuration if I tie into the service port and connect the AKI to the PDMM through the extra port on the top?


Thank you

When logging to the SD card in KAS the SD card needs to be mounted.  At what time or when does it ever need to be unmounted?  If I were to mount it initially can I just leave it mounted?

Low Voltage PDMM for MMG tables


I was looking at controlling multiple axes of MMG tables and was hoping to coordinate this over ethercat with a PDMM and noticed that there was a low voltage AKD to control one axis but there doesn't seem to be a PDMM that matches since the AKD housed in the PDMM would also need to be low voltage. I believe the specification number referenced for low voltage was -0069. Also the drive that is mentioned to pair with the MMG is the AKD-P00306-NBAN-0069 and was wondering if that came in an ethercat version as well.

Thank you

The program calculates the pulses from the secondary FB each scan and and adds to the parameter: A1_X9EncIn. The reason that the calculations are needed in KAS  is because the 2nd feedback that comes through Ethercat changes 0 to 2^31 for each XXXX pulse of input where XXX =Resolution (262,140) in the screen below. Modify Resolution to what makes sense for your application.