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The following outlines setting up KAS project to read S700 Digital Inputs into a PxMM program:

Through high speed , deterministic PDO channel:

  • Use S700 FW 5.18 or greater

  • Set DRVCNFG3 Bit 16 = 1

Attached are two subprograms that can be imported to the Project Explorer of the KAS IDE software. They are companions to the built in GetCtrlErrors function block which has a Q output that lets the user know if there is an active Alarm or Error, and will populate two boolean arrays of size 100 to let the user know which specific Alarms and Errors are currently active.

Attached is a word doc:

- With a table showing the methods to configure, backup, and restore a PxMM System

- Supporting screen shots

Firefox offers a utility  HttpRequester to read/write information in its web browser through HTTP communications. The tool can be useful to a KAS user who want to become more familiar with PxMM HTTP communication

The status of the Ethercat/motion Engine can be monitored with the MLMotionStatus function block.

In a Project with the PLCopen Motion Engine, if the Ethercat Network goes down due to an Ethercat Network fault, the system can be restarted and any drive and controller errors cleared with the following code that:

- First resets the Motion Engine fault

The attached PowerPoint covers the following subjects:

•Why Use Kollmorgen Ethercat ?
•Basic Principles and Capabilities
•Communication Overview
•AKD Implementation
•PDMM Implementation

In the IDE project , the way to read/write an  AKD analog or digital  IO  is to first link a variable in the dictionary to the I/O point as follows:

- Go to the AKD drive item in the EtherCAT section of the project tree. Double click on the specific AKD to open up the "Ethercat:AKD" set of tabs in the IDE Workspace.

This Article contains four videos that continue the KAS IDE Introduction series. The first two videos introduce the Function Block Library and the Control Panel, and the last two go step by step how to complete the third exercise that is attached as a Word document.

The first video below introduces the KAS IDE Function Block Library. It explains how function blocks are organized and demonstrates how you can drag and drop functions into any IEC 61131 programming language such as ladder diagram or structured text to program your PLC and motion control code.

KAS IDE Demonstration video - Editing Variables as Text

If you get this type of message (Missing MSVCR100.dll file ) when installing and starting up the KAS  IDE on a PC with a Win7 operating system go to the internet and download the MSVCR100.dll file. Here is the link:

Place the file here on the Win7 PC: