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Often users need to upload the parameters out of a failed drive and recommission a spare drive with the archived parameters.

The attached documents detail these procedures.

Note the documents assume you have the same model, hardware and firmware revisions. Attempting to clone a drive with

differences will likely yield errors when you attempt to download to the spare drive.

Errors that occur on download will need to be checked one by one using the ASCII reference guide to determine reason and impact on your application.

A typical need is to transfer parameter settings from one drive to its replacement/spare.This could be from a file that is already archived or there may be a need to upload the parameters from the original drive to file first and then connect to the new/spare drive to download the same setup.

It is important to note the hardware and software ( firmware ) revision, as some settings may not transfer if the hardware and software (firmware ) versions are not the same.

ASCII - Command VLIMN    
ASCII - Command MVANGLB    
ASCII - Command DICONT    
Syntax Transmit DICONT    
Syntax Receive DICONT <Data>
ASCII - Command DI2T    
Syntax Transmit DI2T [Data]    
ASCII - Command MI2T    
Syntax Transmit MI2T    
Syntax Receive MI2T <Data>
ASCII - Command VLIM    
Syntax Transmit VLIM [Data]    
Syntax Receive VLIM <Data>
ASCII - Command MIPEAK    
Syntax Transmit MIPEAK [Data]    
Syntax Receive MIPEAK <Data>