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Setting up the P7000 in the tools software, the X-Smoothness feature requires user to run motor unloaded. My motor is connected to an off the shelf XY stage stacked on top of each other. Is the stage with the coupling and shaft connected considered the "load"? This would be the min load of the setup before adding additional load (6.5kg) on the stage to run. Or is it required to run the motor with nothing connected to the shaft to get the X-Smoothness numbers?

thank you


I am trying to use a ProFace HMI to talk to the P7000 over Modbus RTU protocol. For the various P7000 functions, the manual refers to indexes of the address locations. It is not clear to me what offset (if any), is required for accessing holding registers.

Any tips on communicating with a P7000 over modbus would be extremely helpful.


If the P7000 stepper drive "locks up" or will not communicate with the P7000Tools software, it is possible that the firmware has been lost or corrupted.  If this is the case, reloading the firmware will fix it.  To re-load the firmware when the drive will not communicate, open p7000 tools and click "Project" and "Add Drive". this will expose "Update Operating System" in the drive menu. Press F2 and check the "download boot sector" checkbox.

The P7000 was designed primarily for high inductance motors.  The AC model has two ranges of inductance based on bus voltage, and the DC model has its own inductance range.

AC power (P70360):

160VDC bus - optimal motor inductance range is 7 - 30 mH

​320VDC bus - optimal motor inductance range is 50 - 200 mH

DC power (P70530):

optimal motor inductance range is 2 - 15 mH