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This manual describes the accessories for Kollmorgen digital drive systems and servo drive motors. European edition.
Release Date 
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Sealing is an important design tool used to prolong the life of motors against harsh environments containing dust or liquid contaminants. There are arguably an unlimited number of applications for servo motors and each comes with its own environmental challenges.

Sealing can be compromised or degraded by incorrect applications, harsh conditions or conditions not covered by the design intent.  Even long operating periods under normal conditions will degrade sealing.

After the motor and winding designation have been selected, the motor design should be incorporated in the layout phase of the mechanical design. A frameless brushless type motor may be either totally frameless, framed with an armature adapter machined to fit the customer’s existing shaft, or partially housed with a mounting flange or tabs for mounting the stator. 

Valid for S700

 Valid for AKM, AKMH

The AKM holding brakes are designed as standstill brakes and are not suited for repeated operational braking. Built-in holding brakes without further equipment must not be used to ensure personnel safety.


Cogging torque designates a phenomenon with electrical motors, which possess permanent magnets in the stator and a slotted anchor from electric sheets or a slotted stand and an anchor with permanent magnets.

Motors Mechanical / motors Other
MA motor 70 balance 93 Wear
MB brake 71 fit/play