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This application note demonstrates configuration and addressing for Modbus TCP communications a Automation Drive HMI using their C-More Programming Software.

The application notes is an example only and the implementation and verification of proper operation of the application and system is the programmer's responsibility

Basic functionality was tested with hardware or learned over a Web meeting.

100% compatibility is not guaranteed.

I'm controlling my PCMM from a custom C# .NET Windows application which is also controlling some other hardware. I can currently communicate with the drive via http get/set requests. But what is the recommended method to communicate with the drive? Is Modbus the way to go? Is there a recommended modbus library?

This application note demonstrates specifically with Digital MMC Smartdrive with Drive Resident Control Card to Modbus Poll and to KVB/AKI configured as Modbus Serial masters.

This application note demonstrates two methods for achieving a jog forward and jog reverse using Service Motion and Modbus TCP.

This applies to the AKD-B and AKD-P drives as the AKD-T ( BASIC ) and KAS platforms have other methods for achieving the jog ( i.e. in the programming ). A PDF version is attached to this article.

AKD Modbus TCP Landing Page

Note: This Landing Page primarily applies to the AKD-B, P, or T drives. There are other application notes and guides for KAS with PCMM and PDMM controllers on the Kollmorgen Developer Network. See those articles for details that apply to that platform.

Overview and Specifications

The attached paper reviews options that are available for Ethernet and non-Ethernet connections within a motion controller. It begin with a summary of what information can be transferred in and out of the motion controller followed by network and non-network examples for communicating data. Finally, the factors that need to be considered to choose the right one. Through the paper details on KAS PxMM controller setup and implementation are included.

Attached is an example of using the Kollmorgen HMI (AKI) and recipe motion task to an AKD.

From the Kollmorgen Visualization Builder under the list of System Tags there is a tag called New Screen ID and its definition.


If you click Add->System Tag in the Tag list, you can assign your desired Modbus address to it. The one shown is the one I used just for testing purpose so I could change the value using USER.INT1 in Workbench Terminal. Change it to the one you need for your case.

To find info about a given parameter, you can type DRV.HELP space and then the keyword in Workbench Terminal.

The MODBUS.ADDR starts at 8192 and ends at 10239.


For more details on Modbus Dynamic Mapping look in Workbench Help (link).