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This is part 2 of a two part series. This application note will demonstrate establishing Modbus TCP communications between a Kollmorgen Visualization Builder ( AKI ) project and the variables in a running program in the AKD BASIC drive. Reading and Writing are demonstrated much in the same fashion as Part 1 but using KVB instead of Modbus Poll.

This application note serves as a quick start with simple example using a Modbus Master simulator software called Modbus Poll to read/write over Modbus TCP to/from the AKD BASIC program ( variables ). This is part 1 of a two part series. Part 2 will demonstrate similar methods but using the Kollmorgen Visualization Builder software for our AKI operator panel product line.
This application note demonstrates specifically with Digital MMC Smartdrive with Drive Resident Control Card to Modbus Poll and to KVB/AKI configured as Modbus TCP masters.

This application note demonstrates two methods for achieving a jog forward and jog reverse using Service Motion and Modbus TCP.

This applies to the AKD-B and AKD-P drives as the AKD-T ( BASIC ) and KAS platforms have other methods for achieving the jog ( i.e. in the programming ). A PDF version is attached to this article.

AKD Modbus TCP Landing Page

Note: This Landing Page primarily applies to the AKD-B, P, or T drives. There are other application notes and guides for KAS with PCMM and PDMM controllers on the Kollmorgen Developer Network. See those articles for details that apply to that platform.

Overview and Specifications

Controlling AKD drives with HMI through Modbus TCP is easy but different panels need different adjustments.This article will help you in commissioning systems where you are using an EXOR Jmobile HMI panel and AKD drives.

After selecting the Modbus TCP protocol, you must add your AKD drive's IP address. Additionally, you should change the other settings to match, as is seen in the following screenshot.


Is there a way to import the desired configuration of Modbus TCP Server variables into the slave data blocks?  The drag-n-drop configuration is slow. 

An export option would be a nice way to document the available variables/mapping as well.

Thanks, -Brad

From the Kollmorgen Visualization Builder under the list of System Tags there is a tag called New Screen ID and its definition.


If you click Add->System Tag in the Tag list, you can assign your desired Modbus address to it. The one shown is the one I used just for testing purpose so I could change the value using USER.INT1 in Workbench Terminal. Change it to the one you need for your case.


When MODBUS.MSGLOG is set to 1 it enables the logging of the raw Modbus data received by the drive via the report given by MODBUS.MSGDUMP.

For a complete Modbus Specification please reference:

The AKD supports only the following function codes:

 FC 03 ( read holding registers ) and FC 16 ( Write Multiple Registers )

The following application note gives an explanation and examples of implementing Dynamic Mapping for AKD Modbus TCP.