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Kollmorgen Corporation (“Kollmorgen”) declares that the AKD drives have memory devices as shown in the table below. The non-volatile memory that may contain user settings and data may be cleared as indicated:

AKD Model No. Format: AKD-x0xx0x-xxxx-xxxx
(x's are alphanumeric character place holders)

KAS supports storage of values from a running program into the SD card. Attached is an example project which sends 4 variable values: VAR1, VAR23, VAR3, and VAR4 to the SD card each time the Execute input is triggered. Code creation is as follows:

1. Create txt file will variables list and store on PC:


Write code to read list of variables in the file:


The attached sample .kas project contains a program (SaveVarsToSDcard) that stores application variables in a .csv file on the PDMM SD card:

//Load variable names (VAR1,VAR2,VAR3, and VAR4) from file on development PC
ON FileConnect DO
   ID_LogFile := VLID ('c:\MyFileTest.txt');

//Store variable values to a csv file on the PDMM SD card

This article refers to G&L PiC application note and provides understanding PiCPro Memory Usage. For more information, download document AN000054.

The n12 warning is an indicator that the motor name and motor number saved in the drive's eeprom does not match the motor name and motor number stored in the Endat encoder memory. When using an Endat encoder as primary feedback, the motor name and motor number must be stored in both the drive's memory and the encoder memory, and they must match. If the n12  warning displays, do the following: