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The AKD drive supports flexible EtherCAT PDO mapping.  The 4 available flexible RxPDO’s (PDO data for receive direction, commands from master to drive) are mapped using objects 1600h, 1601h, 1602h, and 1603h.  Each one of these RxPDOs is limited to a maximum size of 8 bytes, but historically the sum total size for all four RxPDOs was limited to 20 bytes.  This sum total size for all four RxPDOs was changed in firmware version 1-16-00-002 to 32 bytes, dependent on setting ECAT.LEGACYREV=0.

TxPDO’s have always supported 32 byte of data

The following link points to an example from the KAS Online Help which discusses process data transferred to the Bus Coupler for variable mapping.

Analog I/O Parameters - I/O Terminals for Variable Mapping

There are three types of Profinet telegrams for use with the AKD drive:

  • Standard Telegrams
  • Manufacturer Specific Telegrams
  • Free-mappable Telegram (400)

The Standard Telegrams and Manufacturer Specific Telegrams are pre-configured telegrams with fixed configurations for the cyclic data that is transmitted between the AKD and the PLC.