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This section has additional considerations for DC power supplies.

A single power supply can be used to provide the main power for the DC input. This document provides guidance for the operation of AKD2G Sxx-6V drive with low voltage DC supply and should be used in conjunction with AKD2G-Sxx Installation Manual. The voltage range of supply is less than 90VDC. See the Regulatory Information section of the AKD2G Installation Guide for more details on isolation and grounding requirements.

File Description 
This document describes data for the low voltage AKD drive. All standard data, safety notes, mounting and wiring information is provided in the AKD Installation Manual.
Release Date 
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Numerous applications require lower than standard line voltages for a bushless servo application. The AKD can be ordered in a low voltage variant that allows for operation as low as 48 Volts DC. The part number for this variant is AKD-P00306-NBAN-0069  and has some special characteristics on the power scripts to allow for this operation.