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This is part 2 of a two part series. This application note will demonstrate establishing Modbus TCP communications between a Kollmorgen Visualization Builder ( AKI ) project and the variables in a running program in the AKD BASIC drive. Reading and Writing are demonstrated much in the same fashion as Part 1 but using KVB instead of Modbus Poll.

This application note details how to setup and use the Security management built in to the KVB software.

It also demonstrates how to import and export Security groups using the USB stick in the AKI/HMI Panel.

Finally it shows how to read the currently logged in user from the AKI/HMI Panel to the PCMM or PCMM controller.

This page covers the new features, changes, defect fixes, and known issues in an KVB (Kollmorgen Visualization Builder) software release. KVB is a separate software package that is integrated with the KAS (Kollmorgen Automation Suite) IDE and Runtime software.

Information contained in this release note is subject to change.