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In many cases the AKD default peak currents have to be changed. There are several ways to do this, but not all are executed quickly and real-time. If AKD is working in standalone mode the easiest way is to declare the function 21 - Current limitation combined to one or more digital inputs.

This has the limitation of the number of digital inputs available, and of the value of current limit (Param) that have to be a constant. In addition the value is applied at both the positive and negative limit indifferently.

If a non real-time field bus is available, e.g. ModBus TCP/IP, ProfiNet or EthenetIP, it's possible to change the current limits, but this operation is quite slow. Other field buses like CANOpen or EtherCAT allow to reach a faster and real-time change.

Let's see how to do this with KAS and EtherCAT.