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File Description 
This manual provides technical data, installation, and operating instructions for Kollmorgen AKT2G I/O slice devices, including Safety devices. Devices include: AKT2G-AN-240-000, AKT2G-AN-400-000, AKT2G-AN-430-000, AKT2G-AT-410-000, AKT2G-AT-425-000, AKT2G-BRC-000-000, AKT2G-DN-002-000, AKT2G-DN-008-000, AKT2G-DNH-008-000, AKT2G-DT-008-000, AKT2G-ECT-000-000, AKT2G-EM-000-000, AKT2G-ENC-180-000, AKT2G-ENC-190-000, AKT2G-PSF-024-000, AKT2G-SDI-004-000, and AKT2G-SDO-004-000
Release Date 
Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The KAS IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has a straightforward way to connect I/O to variables in a kas project.  In a typical KAS system machine I/O can be connected to the PxMM controller via:

The following link points to an example from the KAS Online Help which shows how to add a physical I/O slice to an existing project.

EtherCAT Scan & Association - Adding Physical I/O Slices

The following link points to an example from the KAS Online Help which discusses process data transferred to the Bus Coupler for variable mapping.

Analog I/O Parameters - I/O Terminals for Variable Mapping