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Encoder Installation Instruction for IDC Stepper Motor 802-004 >

Following are the instructions for adding the Encoder 802-004, which is the 0.25" SHAFT, 500 LINE ENCODER for stepper motors. Attached is the original PDF.  NOTE: S3 & S4 motors require cover mod. for cable General Information The LDA…

IDC EC Series "Brake on Screw" Option >

Replacement cable part number: 550-004  EC2

Wiring Pin-Out For AKM with Commutating Encoder to B8000 Series Drives >

This document contains pin-out information for the AKM1x and AKM2x C connectors with commutating encoder to the B8000 series of IDC drives.

Electric Cylinder Low Temp Grease Option >

For Kollmorgen (IDC) electric cylinders with a ballscrew and purchased with the "low temperature grease option", the special grease is Kollmorgen P/N 961266.  This grease will be required for periodic maintenance of the actuator. …

Pinout for (IDC) Stepper motors with quick disconnect >

Pin 1 (B+): Red/White (or White) Pin 2 (A+): Red Pin 3 (Ground): Green (or Green/Yellow) Pin 4 (A-): Red/Yellow or Red/Orange (or Purple) Pin 5 (B-): Red/Black (or Black) In some cases, the stripes on the wires are not clearly visible. Check the…

IDC R Series Actuator Belt Tensioning >

Specification for adjusting belt tension.

Programming IDC SmartDrives >

The programming language for the IDC SmartDrives is "BASIC-like", meaning that it functions like BASIC programming.  However, the language and syntax is a simplified variation of BASIC.  Each drive has either 200 or 400 programs depending…
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