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I want to communicate in PDMM controller via HTTP. Actually I can read from them in C++ but I can't write any value to the variable of PDMM controller in C++. Furthermore I am able to write and read via http with the language of C# by using example codes in KAS IDE software online help , in this there isn't any problem.

The code that I used for reading variables is added with the name of "include.pdf". In this document, I use C++ language, Libcurl library and jsoncpp( as KAS IDE software online help's recommendation).  

The attached paper reviews options that are available for Ethernet and non-Ethernet connections within a motion controller. It begin with a summary of what information can be transferred in and out of the motion controller followed by network and non-network examples for communicating data. Finally, the factors that need to be considered to choose the right one. Through the paper details on KAS PxMM controller setup and implementation are included.

PxMM project variables can be read directly from the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. 

Syntax and Examples

The syntax for a global variable is:


The syntax  for a local variable in the program "Main" is:

The following chart outlines the networks (field buses) supported by the PCMM and PDMM and the key  parameters of each.


imageThe KASIface application is to show how a KAS-variable access can be implemented into a mobile device. This example uses http request in the text format. The programming is done with Java in Android Studio.

Firefox offers a utility  HttpRequester to read/write information in its web browser through HTTP communications. The tool can be useful to a KAS user who want to become more familiar with PxMM HTTP communication

The following document outlines the EtherCAT based networks that KAS supports and key parameters that define each of the  network.

The following utility provides a connection between KAS and a standard windows platform using http requests, programmed with visual basic 2008. The KAS remote variable access with the standard pipe network SFC demo is used to demonstrate the possibilities.

The application contains the following functionality:

I have a customer who needs to communicate with an AKD indexing drive using HTTP commands.  Because of his environment, ModBus TCP is not an option.  I found a ModBus TCP comms guide, does such a document exist for HTTP comms?

KAS has a HTTP communication option for users to write their own programs (in C++, C#, JAVA, visual basic, etc) and be able to read or write any variable in a KAS project.  It is documented in the 2.8 software, and I have attached a demo program with an excel spreadsheet that has visual basic scripts to read and write data in the program.  One thing to note is the controller IP address of 1920168.0.102 is used throughout the excel spreadsheet, so if you want to test it on real hardware it would be easiest to use this static IP on your controller (Preset 2 on the rotary dial of a P