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Kollmorgen Support Network

PiC90, PiC900 Firmware (.HEX files) versions before 13.0 SP4? >

Dear Experts. I'm wondering if it's possible for us to get a really old (legacy, archive) firmware versions (.HEX files) for the PiC900 and PiC90 series of the CPUs? I mean the versions older than ones available on the "G&L Firmware"…

AKD2G Firmware update >

I will be using AKD2G for the first time soon, can I upgrade/downgrade the firmware on AKD2G as I did with my previous AKD?

S300 and CSV mode >

Hello gentelmans, Is it possible to run S300 (hw. rev. 04.10 + 5.99 firmware) in CSV mode over free mapped PDOs as are 0x1600 + 0x0A00 over ETHERCAT please? thanks  Regards Slav

Encoder error after updating firmware >

Hello, I have a S600 drive with a DDR motor (model: DH083M-23-1310, SN: 07DDH083M-679, this model has an EnDAT encoder). System was working with firmware standard version 5.76, but when i updated firmware version to 6.98 (I need this to…

A S600 Servo Drive with 8.8.8 on the Display on bootup >

This article explains how to unlock an S600 when it boots up with an 8.8.8 on the display, or locks up while downloading firmware.

S200 vs Biss-C(rotary 20bit Encoder) >

Hello. I'm Seunghyeon Ryu from GMS. I want to use Biss C(20bit Rotary) Encoder for S200 Drive. is that possible to use? If it is possible, i want to know that there is firmware for that.   If the S200 is not supported,…

QMP firmware download failed >

Hello. Attached is the report regarding QMP firmware download failure. Please give me a solution. Thank you.

How can I download S300 firmware for HW version 3.0 >

How can I download S300 firmware for HW version 3.0 in site, i couldn't find it. thanks.

KAS Associated Firmware By Release >

The following table provides a resource for what firmware is associated with each release of the KAS IDE. This includes both firmware for the drive built into the AKD-PDMM controller, as well as the firmware for other drives that may be used within…
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