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The fieldbus editor may not display all the supported network types. The network types that are not displayed are ...

The following steps describe how to configure multiple Ethernet IP assemblies using two PDMMs.  For the purpose of this example, the adapter PDMM will perform a loop back to the scanner PDMM.

When connecting an AKD to a CompactLogix PLC (or any PLC that communicates via Ethernet/IP), please make certain you are using an AKD version which supports Ethernet/IP Fieldbus communications. All of the AKD drives have an Ethernet port which is used to communicate with the AKD Workbench tool, however, there are specific models that support the Ethernet/IP Fieldbus:


File Description 
This is a Powerpoint presentation providing an overview on the AKD Profinet communication protocol and instructions for setup and operation of the Profinet system in the AKD and PLC.
Release Date 
Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The command source ( DRV.COMMANDSOURCE ) setting for the AKD drive depends on the fieldbus type and operation mode. In some cases the position command is coming directly from the master controller and in other cases the AKD drive’s internal profile generator issues the actual position command.


ASCII - Command EXTWD    
Syntax Transmit EXTWD [Data]    
Syntax Receive EXTWD <Data>

Modbus TCP is not considered a fieldbus.  So how does it compare to other fieldbus protocols that are available in the AKD drive?


The correct command source to use for AKD Profinet communication depends on the operation mode (or telegram) that is being used.  The command source will be set automatically by the drive based on which telegram has been selected.

Valid for AKD


PROFINET ( Pro cess Fi eld Net work) is the Profibus & Profinet International (PI) open industrial Ethernet standard for automation.

There are two types Profinet types, Profinet CBA and Profinet IO: