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Hi, Kollmorgen team

I'm planning to use AKD and Zettlex Biss-C feedback sensor together.

WorkBench shows  Biss-C renishaw on the feedback selection screen. Is it compatible only with Renishaw's BISS-C sensor?

I am wondering if it is compatible with the Biss-C sensor manufactured by Zettlex.

Please check the compatibility of the protocol, I attached protocol manual of Zettlex.



SJ Automation.

In order to better serve customers' needs, we have expanded our AKMH™ product options in our Quoting Assistant (QA) system and Price List, effective Jan. 01, 2018.

The updates have been included in the latest version of the AKMH selection guide, which is available on Mimeo (click here) 

Following is a training module.

BiSS-C is a digital encoder protocol that permits a wide range of possible formats. The AKD supports the most common BiSS-C format, and can only guarantee support for the encoders listed in "Documented BiSS-C Encoders". To determine if a BiSS-C device not listed here is supported by the AKD, follow the steps in "Setting Up an Undocumented BiSS-C Encoder"

Documented BiSS-C Encoders

The following BiSS-C encoders are known to work with an AKD. This list does not include BiSS-B encoders, which function differently.

Valid for S300, S700 (S400 & S600 minimal changes in display)

In October 2016, an inter-compatibility test was performed together with the company Heidenhain. In this event, the AKD was tested successfully with various types of Heidenhain Endat 2.2 encoders.

The devices tested can be found in this article.

This article outlines setting up a digitizing axis (secondary external encoder) or encoder master in a PxMM controller application that is using the PLCopen motion engine.

S700 and S300 Series Drive Connections for the Incremental Encoder Feedback Goldline Series Motors

This article describes the Goldline motors' incremental encoder feedback connections and Goldline motors' power connections to the S700 and the S300. 

DRIVE-CLiQ is an open encoder interface. Kollmorgen offers AKM Motors with singleturn or multiturn Encoders and DRIVE-CLiQ Interface. The Motor feedback can be connected via an M12 connector to the SINAMICS drive System.

Temperature sensor type in the Motor is selected according to the current Siemens requirements.