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This application note applies only to the AKD-P-NxEI Motion Tasking Drive with Ethernet IP communications.

For the KAS, PDMM, and PCMM platform and use of Ethernet IP communications please see the support documentation that applies to them.

The Sample Project and Ethernet IP manual show the setup for communicating to 1 AKD drive.

Often the question of “How do I modify the sample project for multiple axes or how do I setup an existing project to support more than one drive?”.

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This Landing Page Is Related To AKD-P Ethernet/IP Communications.

For KAS/PCMM/PDMM Ethernet/IP see the KDN for articles and downloads related to that platform.

Application Notes

-Getting Started

The attached paper reviews options that are available for Ethernet and non-Ethernet connections within a motion controller. It begin with a summary of what information can be transferred in and out of the motion controller followed by network and non-network examples for communicating data. Finally, the factors that need to be considered to choose the right one. Through the paper details on KAS PxMM controller setup and implementation are included.

Application Note on AKD Etherent IP Diagnostics and Dynamic Mapping when used with Contrologix or Compactlogix PLCs.

The fieldbus editor may not display all the supported network types. The network types that are not displayed are ...

The following steps describe how to configure multiple Ethernet IP assemblies using two PDMMs.  For the purpose of this example, the adapter PDMM will perform a loop back to the scanner PDMM.

The attachments outline a KAS Application with the following features:

  • 3 axis coordinated motion
  • Banner vision camera connected to the PDMM via Ethernet/IP
  • Camera reads a barcode and  sends the information through Ethernet/IP to the PDMM.
  • The bar code value is then used to determine which pattern to run

When import EIP.EDS file to Omron PLC, the PLC output start address is D200, input start address is D100, and Ethernet_IP manual did not tell us the sequence of

control , what's the right code of Position mode and Jog mode?