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This article and documentation gives an overview of where to find manuals, support files, sample projects, units scaling and covers some important implementation guidelines.

Since the Ethernet IP standard uses DINT to set the distance or position in the AKD_Move AOI, applications such as rotary indexing tables and conveyors may see math truncation when setting the number of counts required for example 60 degrees when continuously indexing in the same direction. This article provides 3 methods for handling and the prevention of the accumulation of error.

Revised Word document with additional details.

There seems to be a race condition with the AKD compactlogix addin block for fault reset.  The Customer has to know to also trigger the drive disable block before they can enable the drive again.  Attached is an improved Fault Clear addin block that both clears the fault and resets the enable bit in the EIP control word.

Multi-Fieldbus is the ability of Kollmorgen servo amplifiers to communicate with a lot of different fieldbus systems. These bus systems are accessible either with option cards, firmware variants or device variants.