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Reading DIN.STATES over Ethernet IP ( using AKD-P-NBEI )

DIN.STATES is not accessible over Ethernet IP. The manual indicates instance 60 but this appears to be a typo.




Is there a way to do S Curve Profiling over Ethernet IP with the AKD ( i.e. from an Allen Bradley PLC ) based on there is a S-Curve option in the Motion Task tables. Is there a way to do this over EIP ( send the data table values, etc. )?

How can we take advantage of that feature using EIP as a fieldbus?


The short answer is this cannot be done using the motion tasking drive over Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP for that matter.

The AKD_Move add-on-instruction ( AOI ) has no built-in S-Curve feature or capability.

In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the different command types supported by the AKD Ethernet IP drive. While the PLC screenshots demonstrate using an Allen Bradley PLC ( Compactlogix in this case ) the methods are not AB specific but part of the Ethernet IP protocol using the AKD Ethernet IP drive. We have not tested nor officially support other Ethernet IP masters beyond Micrologix1400 ( explicit only ), Compactlogix, and Contrologix.

AKD Ethernet IP “In Position Status”.

This application note covers the different methods for reading a drive parameter over AKD Ethernet IP.

Since it uses examples such as the MSG block for explicit messaging and AOIs ( add on instructions ) the article is

specific to the AB Compactlogix and Contrologix PLCs ( Micrologix 1400 supports only Explicit Messaging ).

Application Note on AKD Etherent IP Diagnostics and Dynamic Mapping when used with Contrologix or Compactlogix PLCs.

What controllers does the AKD Ethernet IP drive support?

From the AKD RSLogix Communications Manual:


The only AB PLC/controllers we have experience with and support at the moment are:
Micrologix 1400 using the MSG block ( explicit messaging only )
Compactlogix and Contrologix ( also supports our AKD Add-On-Instructions library and cyclic data ).

Micrologix1100 and SLC500 5/05 are not compatible.

The AKD_Jog AOI works differently depending on whether the operation mode is Velocity or Position. In Position Mode motion task 0 is used to load the velocity, accel, decel from the AKD_Jog AOI values in the ladder. Motion Task 0 is set for a next task of 0 so the motion task loops upon itself during execution. In Velocity Mode motion task 0 is not used and the drive runs at the AKD_Jog AOI velocity setpoint. It is important to note that since the AKD_Jog AOI uses motion task 0 when the drive is in Position Mode, it is required that the drive's Home Found be true.

The following steps describe how to configure multiple Ethernet IP assemblies using two PDMMs.  For the purpose of this example, the adapter PDMM will perform a loop back to the scanner PDMM.

When connecting an AKD to a CompactLogix PLC (or any PLC that communicates via Ethernet/IP), please make certain you are using an AKD version which supports Ethernet/IP Fieldbus communications. All of the AKD drives have an Ethernet port which is used to communicate with the AKD Workbench tool, however, there are specific models that support the Ethernet/IP Fieldbus: