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The following application notes provides details on the use and behavior of the AKD_Torque_Move AOI ( Add On Instruction ).

Related topics are included.

Since the MT.PARAMS is a string the currently active motion task number is not accessible using that keyword over Ethernet IP.

The following article demonstrates possible workarounds.

This application note applies only to the AKD-P-NxEI Motion Tasking Drive with Ethernet IP communications.

For the KAS, PDMM, and PCMM platform and use of Ethernet IP communications please see the support documentation that applies to them.

The Sample Project and Ethernet IP manual show the setup for communicating to 1 AKD drive.

Often the question of “How do I modify the sample project for multiple axes or how do I setup an existing project to support more than one drive?”.

This article demonstrates how to monitor IL.CMD and IL.FB over Ethernet IP using dynamic mapping.

The AKD_Move AOI is not designed for blended moves, i.e. start one move and blend into another. The block method will be required if blended moves are absolutely required for the application. This could also apply to a registration move application.

The block method by definition is by definition from the Ethernet IP manual:


We are often asked if an AKD-P-NBEI ( Ethernet IP ) drive can use step/dir (electronic gearing ) or analog as the command source and simply use Ethernet IP for

basic functionality like enable/disable, fault reset, and diagnostics.


Reading DIN.STATES over Ethernet IP ( using AKD-P-NBEI )

DIN.STATES is not accessible over Ethernet IP. The manual indicates instance 60 but this appears to be a typo.



AKD Ethernet IP “In Position Status”.

This application note covers the different methods for reading a drive parameter over AKD Ethernet IP.

Since it uses examples such as the MSG block for explicit messaging and AOIs ( add on instructions ) the article is

specific to the AB Compactlogix and Contrologix PLCs ( Micrologix 1400 supports only Explicit Messaging ).

Application Note on AKD Etherent IP Diagnostics and Dynamic Mapping when used with Contrologix or Compactlogix PLCs.