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Valid for AKD-M (AKD PDMM)


The two digits LED display indicates the messages of the drive. Fault messages are coded with "F", warnings are coded with "n". See Fault Messages AKD.

The one digit LED indicates the PDMM messages of the controller. Error messages are coded with "E", alarms are coded with "A". See table below.

Valid for AKD-B, AKD-P, AKD-T, AKD-M

The two digits LED display on the front panel of the drive shows the number of the fault or warning that occurred.


The left side of the LED displays "F" for a fault or "n" for warning.

Valid for AKD-T (AKD BASIC)


The standard AKD Fault Messages are valid for AKD BASIC as well. In case of a built-in I/O option board with SD card device, the errors described in Fault Messages I-O Option might occur as well.

Valid for AKD

Operation of the SD card device built into the I/O option board may occur in some Errors. These errors are displayed in the two digit AKD LED display. The coding is E followed by four digits. The errors are shown twice in the display, They are not permanently displayed.

Valid for AKD

The AKD Drives have a 2 digit display on the front. Status, faults and warnings are shown there.


Valid for AKD-M (AKD PDMM)

The AKD PDMM Drives have a two digit plus a one digit display on the front. Status, faults and warnings are shown there.