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This PowerPoint presentation explains the differences between different types of servo motor feedback devices, including:

  • The differences between absolute and incremental devices.
  • The differences between analog and digital devices.
  • Typical applications for various devices.
  • How to choose the best feedback device for your specific application.
  • How the devices affect servo system performance.

How would I know what kind of endat 2.2 I was sold, if I have the right cable for that type of 2.2 endat

No mater what we do drive wont recognize the encoder either off auto detect or manually selecting endat 2.2

In October 2016, an inter-compatibility test was performed together with the company Heidenhain. In this event, the AKD was tested successfully with various types of Heidenhain Endat 2.2 encoders.

The devices tested can be found in this article.

In general the resolution of an EnDat feedback device will be taken automatically from the device and calculated based on the motor settings.

In some case it could be needed that the resolution needs to be adopted.

In this case this can be done in the following way:

FB1.ENCRESSOURCE 0 -> 1 this setting will enable the option to manually set FB1.ENCRES

If the precondition FB1.ENCRESSOURCE 1 is full filled you an setup the resolution for FB1.ENCRES based on your mechanics.

When using a linear EnDat 2.2 encoder as primary feedback in general the resolution will be always automatically taken from the encoder and calculated based on the pole pitch of the linear motor.
The internal calculation for this setting is stored in FB1.ENCRES.

The calculation is done with the following rule:

FB1.ENCRES = (motor pole pitch) * 2^(32-numclks)/(encoder resolution)
e.g. if we have a linear motor with a pole pitch of 32 mm and an linear EnDat 2.2 encoder, you can get the value for numclks by reading FB1.DIAG via the terminal.


For an application, I need to synchronize 2 motors on an external EnDat 2.2 single turn encoder...

I think about using AKD PDMM + 1 AKD-P to drive the 2 motors.

On the HW manual of AKD, it is written that we could use single or multi turn EnDat 2.2 on X9

But on the user guide, when we look at FB3.P, it is written that it is for multiturn encoder.

Please, could you confirm me that we could use SINGLE TURN EnDat 2.2 encoder on X9 port of the AKD-PDMM as a master source for gearing application?

Thanks a lot.

This question comes up quite a bit about the Heidenhain Endat  .  Saying Endat 2.2 is only half the story.  There is Endat 2.2/01 which is the analog version.  Endat 2.2/22 is the fully digital version.  Endat 2.2/01 and Endat 2.2/22 are fully backward compatible with Endat 2.1.  Endat 2.1 has not been used in DDR or Cartridge for about 6 or 7 years.  All of AKM is also Endat 2.2 except for the LA and LB feedback models.  LA and LB are inductive Endat encoders and these are still Endat 2.1.


Firmware version: M-01-12-01-000

This article explains how to set an EnDat 2.2 encoder as tertiary feedback (FB3) in AKD. The article contains:

An Endat 2.2 encoder is not necessarily high resolution when used as a data-only device.  We use two very different Endat 2.2 devices.  The ECN113 is Endat 2.2/01, which is Endat 2.1 equivalent and uses sine/cosine analog signals and a data channel.  The ECN125 is Endat 2.2/22, which only has a data channel (no analog signals).