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This article demonstrates how to monitor IL.CMD and IL.FB over Ethernet IP using dynamic mapping.

Revised Word document with additional details.

Starting with firmware, the AKD now has the ability to add additional drive parameters to the Polled I/O send and receive cyclic data. the attached zip file has an explanation and sample code.


There seems to be a race condition with the AKD compactlogix addin block for fault reset.  The Customer has to know to also trigger the drive disable block before they can enable the drive again.  Attached is an improved Fault Clear addin block that both clears the fault and resets the enable bit in the EIP control word.

Many customers want to use an Absolute Feedback device as the home reference.  They also want to move the axis to, what they want as, a home position and "Auto Set drive parameter FB1.OFFSET for the difference between the Absolute Feedback zero position and their pefered home position.  Attached is a RSlogix 5000 example on how to do this over EIP.  The attached zip file has a sample program and two Add-in function blocks used by the sample program.