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This article will help you understand the differences between older S700 (S701-724) drives with single-channel STO and newer dual-channel STO S700 drives. 

The firmware installed in the servo amplifier defines the export classification of the device (No 3A225 of Appendix I of (EG) No. 428/2009). Servo amplifiers, which are not affected by the Dual Use directive, include a limitative firmware (frequency range below 600 Hz).

The term "dual use" identifies the basic usability of a technology (both a machines and software) as used for both peaceful and military purposes.

For example, drive components used in high-speed centrifuges can be used in both pharmacology and for enriching uranium. These components may be prohibited for export if the civilian use is not satisfactorily determined by the licensing authority.

For Kollmorgen servo amplifiers, the firmware used in the component determines the classification.

Valid for S300, S700

Most of the ACOMEL drives used in high frequency applications can be replaced with S300/S700 servo amplifiers with special firmware.

Dual Use

These devices are export controlled ( Dual Use, AL-3A225 ) and require an export approval. The functionality to replace Acomel HF inverters is possible with special firmware only. Contact our customer service.