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AKD EtherCAT and CANopen Landing Page >

This landing page contains links to other articles and downloads relating to AKD EtherCAT and CANopen communication.

Setup of EtherCAT master to run an AKD2G in “DS402: Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode” >

AKD2G Firmware AKD2G_01-90-13-000 Objective: We, Kollmorgen, supply an AKD2G XML files to be used with the EtherCAT CoE Master.  It has one default configuration, “cyclic Synchronous Position” mode.  Many Customers want to use EtherCAT master…

AKD DS402 Position Scaling Setup >

Some History: We have been making EtherCAT drives since ~1998. That was before and before the EtherCAT standard. We don’t want to “break” our existing Customers' applications so we kept the same original scaling in the AKD. But the rest…
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