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This application note applies to the AKD Motion Tasking drive in the case where the motor to load is direct drive and the position of the load is always between 0 to 360 degrees. This is typical in rotary dials/indexing tables. Sometimes the objective is to have the zero position to be set in a position different from the zero angle of the motor/feedback. This application describes the steps taken to define a new "zero" position.

My Motionieering Power Supply summary shows only 7.3 Bus watts and no regen Watts to index a 36" table (163.6 lb in sec^2 inertia with nest) 45 degrees in 1.45 sec using trapazoid profile and 0.2 sec accel and decel.  This is a Housed DDR solution, so looking at the D083M and AKD0606 on 230V.  Am I correct that once I size the application and save the solution, the Power Supply Summary on the project list main window will show required regen energy by clicking on the Power Supply Sizing icon?  Just seems very low wattage for such an inertia and 200ms decel.  Similar AKM