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Many servo applications exist in which it is more practical to use a DC power supply for the motor bus power instead of using AC power.  Some of these include the use of batteries, generators, low voltage DC power supplies, and there are cases where high voltage DC power supplies are used just because of preference or availability.

The following applies to the AKD-x003y through AKD-x024y, where y = 6 or 7 (All AKD drives except for the AKD48).

Old DC Torquer Catalog for NT, QT, and T

The DC bus link, or connections, of the AKD drive can be used to connect the DC bus of one drive to the DC bus of another drive.  The connection is done in parallel between two or more drives, with the maximum number of drives being limited by the total sum of the current ratings, as specified in the drive manual.   This method is commonly used to help maintain the DC bus voltage within the allowable range in applications involving motor regenerative power (regen).  As a motor is back-driven (driven by the load, gravity, external forces, etc.), the motor produces po